Mold Removal

If physically harmful mold or visually displeasing mold is detected within your home, it is a good idea to consider professional mold removal services. Mold will only increase in size and danger if the area is left un-repaired. Removing mold from your home or business can help to improve the safety, aesthetics, and atmosphere within the home.

Having mold removed from your home or business not only increases the integrity and aesthetics of the property but can also save lives.  Removing the mold alleviates your property from any harmful and or potential fatal air particles or chemicals within the mold. The mold removal process can be quite intensive and even dangerous. It is always recommended that you contact a trusted and accredited mold and restoration professional with your residential or commercial mold removal needs.

Contact the professional at Restoration Calgary with your Calgary mold removal needs.  We have the skills, expertise and industry knowledge to remove and toxic and or simply ugly mold from your home or business.  We work to understand your specific mold removal needs in order to make your home or business as safe and comfortable of a space as possible.

Mold Removal Process

When we detect mold in a property, the first step is to isolate the contaminated area sealing off the entrances and exits to and from the area. We then begin to repair the materials within the contaminated area to ensure that mold doesn’t come about and spread during the mold removal process.

Mold has a tendency to spread and contaminate the materials and furniture within the area. Once we have isolated the damaged area we  begin to professionally remove the mold. We properly discard of or remediate the materials within the contaminated area.

Cleaning of the mold infested area can take time, we make sure to remove the moisture sources that caused the mold growth. Once we have properly removed the materials from the moldy area we clean to make sure the area is ridden of the mold and other spore growth.

Mold is more often than not caused by the buildup of moisture and is prolific in damp and dark areas. Once we have cleaned the mold area we conduct another visual inspection and analyze if there are any remaining affected materials and potential problem areas. This visual test is often our second mold test and it determines the severity of the mold infestation. Once we are certain that the mold is removed we begin to dry the area, removing dampness and moisture. This mitigates the chances of future mold development.

The final process in the mold removal process is the restoration and replacement of materials within the area. Mold can be very damaging on a home, business and personal belongings, we use IICRC Restoration practices to properly abate, mitigate and restore a property after mold damage.


Professional Mold Removal

The mold removal process is quite in-depth and yet needs to be customized for each client. Aspects of home size, age, mold size, air quality and many others can affect the relative seriousness of the mold removal project.  At Restoration Calgary we meet with you first to understand the exact specifications of your mold issues and your personal home needs, in order to provide a mold removal plan that is ideal for your lifestyle and respective requests. Contact Restoration Calgary today to book a mold removal consultation!

Air Quality Testing

Testing the air quality in your home or business is an important part of the mold testing and section, as well as the old removal process. Testing for airflow and quality provides information towards the levels of mold toxicity and respective equipment required for removal. Air quality tests require special equipment and professional industry knowledge. The team of professional mold contractors at Restoration Calgary has the skills to alleviate you of any commercial or residential mold issue!


Mold Testing & Removal

Before mold removal can commence, it is important to test for the size and type of mold present in the home or business. Mold testing allows for contractors to have an understanding of exactly what forms of removal equipment and parameters will be required for the project. It is important to get a professional mold test in order to ensure that the removal process goes smoothly, and is a forever fix. Call or email Restoration Calgary to schedule a consultation regarding your mold test and removal needs!


Mold Removal Process

The mold removal process begins with sealing off all cracks and airways leading to and from the affected area.  The area is the vented to suppress dust and the affected building materials are removed from the property and disposed of in appropriate bags and procedures.  The area is then cleaned very intensively to ensure that no mold is left in the area. Once the area has been completely removed of mold, the removed building materials will be replaced and the area will be fully restored. Contact Restoration Calgary for more information about the mold removal process.

Mold Removal Calgary

We truly live in a wonderful city. Calgary offers city, country, and mountain convenience with amazing local amenities. What can come with Calgary’s beauty and lifestyle advantages is long winter months, and sometimes-drastic weather changes.  Severe weather changes can often lead to mold issues arising in homes and businesses alike. Moisture and other substances can be brought into crevasses or small cracks in the home exterior, where mold can breed. If you have any commercial or residential mold issues or concerns, contact Restoration Calgary!


Mold Removal Projects